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Great herds are not built overnight. Our common sense approach to cattle breeding allows us to bring you calves that consistently reach the top of their class, show after show.
  • Foundation females are very key to our success. We have a couple cow families that serve as base of our cow herd, and we flush them extensively.
  • Sire selection begins as soon as the first spring calf hits the ground. All heifers and cows are artificially inseminated to the most superior club calf sires on the market. And unlike other breeders, our clean-up bulls are all proven A.I. sires, such as Hairy.
  • We cull at least 10% of the herd each year. Only those cows prolifically producing winners stay around.
  • We consistently put in over 80 embryo's a year to consistently have the very elite genetics in the country, both club calf and maternal.

Tim, April, Grace & Noah Riley
(816) 380-5656 Home
(816) 830-6886 Cell
Gary & Cheryl Riley
Rt. 1 Box 236
Marshall, MO 65340
(660) 886-5064 Home
(660) 815-0477 Cell
Matt, Julia,Jaden & Bailey Riley
(660) 886-8686 Home
(660) 815-2890 Cell

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